How To Deal With Acne Problems?

Acne. The word itself brings shudders to most people as the thought of these monstrous beasts that sprout forth from their faces, neck, back and other places that would be indecent to mention, is one of the most horrible punishment one’s skin can receive. How can one show his face in public when it looked like it was attacked by a hoard of bees? How can one bear the embarrassment of acne on his neck that looked like a love bite gone wrong? Or how can a girl wear a bare back top knowing that her back acne probably matches the polka dot top she has on? Oh, the nasty red blemishes that threatens our vanity, confidence and our reputation!

It is an inevitable condition for some people, and others, blame it on ignorance. There are various kinds of acne, such as whiteheads, blackheads, pustules (zits) or papules (pimples that do not have a head). There are several myths on how acne comes of, but there aren’t solid proofs that each myth is true; it varies between each individual. Aside it being genetic, which can’t be helped, there are steps one can adopt to prevent acne.

Certain foods seem to trigger acne, as well as poor hygiene. If eating spicy foods or oily foods seem to cause more breakouts, by all means, avoid them. Drinking more water helps circulation and keeps the skin clear. When the body doesn’t have enough water, it tries to conserve water which is known as water retention. Water retention puts pressure on the skin cells which will cause blocked pores, hence the acne.

Bad habits such as picking on the pimple, or sleeping with make up on will just cause clogged pores, or inflammation, and therefore cause the condition to worsen when it could have been avoided. Although washing the face regularly helps subdue the budding of acne, excessive cleansing, especially with the wrong formulas, will bring undesired results.

A good dose of sunlight and adequate rest will help keep acne away, as vitamin D helps protect against infection and begin the normal repair process. Hormonal imbalance is also a cause of outbreaks, as androgen, when excessively secreted, will cause oily skin which triggers the acne. Stress can cause hormonal imbalance, but that can be rectified by exercising regularly, as exercising relieves stress.

That said, acne is still something we all have to accept as part of our lives, like it or not. For those who are blessed with clear complexions and never have to stare at rows and rows of acne treatment solutions or pimple gels, congratulations. But as for the rest of us, life goes on, and it is up to us to prevent it to make facing the world a little easier. For more information on Acne Treatment, please see below.

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