Finding An Acne Treatment That Cures Without Killing

The Despair of The Acne Sufferer

If you suffer from acne, the chances are you’ve tried very many treatments before reading this.

You’ll have tried skin cleansing treatments that dry out your skin…and you still have the acne.

You’ll have tried topical creams, which are messy…and you still have the acne.

You may have tried more aggressive topical approaches such as chemical peels or micro-dermabrasion treatments involve clearing the skin of dead cells, and thereby reducing the occurrence of blocked pores. If so, you’ll probably have had temporary relief from the acne, only to find that your skin seeks to protect its newer, weaker surface cells by producing more oil, which clogs the pores up again…and you still have the acne.

Things may have gotten so bad, that you’re considering the use of prescription drugs such as Accutane / Roaccutane. Although this drug has been shown to provide significant relief for sufferers of severe forms of acne, there is an established link between it and birth defects in babies. It is therefore unsuitable for use by women who are, or who plan to become pregnant, or who are breast feeding. Other side effects associated with Accutane include depression, swelling of the brain, abdominal problems, hearing, vision and cholesterol problems (Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration – Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

It’s obvious from this that you’re going to have to be pretty desperate before you’ll consider using Accutane to treat your acne.

So How DO You Treat Your Acne?

It’s time to consider the alternative to radical treatments, including natural alternatives.

We’ve come across three good examples of natural acne therapy. All are designed to work by treating the acne at source, that is, by:

  1. preventing the production of excessive sebum (oil)
  2. attacking the p. acne bacteria
  3. reducing the incidence of clogging of pores by assisting the skin in shedding old cells

Our choices include the following:




Our favorite of these was ClearPores. The Clear Pores Cleansing System is a unique herbal therapy, which provides a 100% natural acne remedy. Originally formulated as a once-a-day herbal supplement (oral), the range has recently been increased to include washes and protection creams especially designed for acne-prone skin, and comes with a 6-month satisfaction-or-your-money-back guarantee.

While not technically a permanent “cure”, in the sense of you take a course of treatment and you’re “cured” forever, the Clear Pores Cleansing System is nevertheless an effective acne remedy for mild to moderately severe forms of the condition, and is one, which will with regular use, keep your skin acne free.

Here’s What Users Have To Say About ClearPores:

“I was sick of all the rules everyone kept telling me: Don’t eat this, don’t pop your pimples, don’t use make-up. Like, how can you not use makeup and try and hide your breakouts. I found your site and learned that it doesn’t matter what I did because acne is caused by different things. I decided to try Clear Pores and in about a month all my pimples were gone. I’ve been on it for 4 months now, and my skin is still perfect. Thanks.”
Trish, age 17

“My son wanted to use Accutane to cure his acne, but I was worried about some of the reports I had read on the internet. While doing online research I came across the Clear Pores Cleansing System. It sounded perfectly safe and sensible, so I told him that we would try this approach first, before trying Accutane. Well, Clear Pores worked wonders. His skin is all cleared up, and I feel good that he is using a safe, natural product.”
John Blenheim, father of a teenager

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