Acne Free In 3 Days? 8 Surefire Ways To Be Acne Free In 3 Days

Wow, acne free in 3 days?

Now that is a bold claim to promise!

Acne free In 3 Days is one of those eBooks, with it’s eye catching title
has caught people’s attention.

Although the eBook is 72 pages long, the information is explained in a
clear manner looking at a special detox cure as a treatment over 3 days,
and applying certain tropical products to wash away toxins in the body

The aim of the product is to get you into a detox diet and to internally
cleanse the body system with a view of gradually working towards a
healthier lifestyle.

As well, the ebook provides a list of what and what not to eat.

But for maximum effect from ‘Acne Free In 3 Days’, here are 8 tips for
further acne treatment and prevention-

1) Fresh air and sunshine – get lots of Vitamin D!

Plenty of Vitamin D means healthier skin and more fresh air means oxygen
for revitalization of the mind and body.

Therefore, look a outdoor activities or exercises to stay healthy

But remember to use sun block protection for your skin. Any skin cells
that are damaged by the sun will block the skin pores which will result
in more acne!

2) Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Dehydration of the skin
will mean more dead skin cells and more acne.

More importantly, water serves as a good internal body cleanser, and
will expel harmful toxins.

3) Wash your face gently twice a day, both morning and evening with a
facial cleanser (preferably a cleanser that is anti-bacterial). The aim
is to wash away dead skin cells and any excess oil.

Dry your face by patting with a clean towel and applying some hydrogen
peroxide(2.5%) to ‘dry out’ the effected areas.

4) When you have the urge to touch your face, do not use your hands, use
a tissue. Your hands touches many things throughout the day, and most
likely will carry bacteria.

Touching your face with your hands just makes your acne worse. Work on
washing your hands more often to reduce the chance of high-oil contact.

5) Sleep with a clean pillow case every night. This is to avoid any
dead skin cells to block the skin pores.

6) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Great source of vitamins, and
like water will wash away toxins in the body.

7) Make your face sweat, as this will wash away toxins through sweating.

Look at using a steam room at the gym or at a health spa. A more
simpler method is to use a bowl of water and covering your head with a

8) Changing your lifestyle is the most difficult, and it comes down to
how determined you are to follow the guideline of ‘Acne Free In 3 Days’.

If you want progress, you need to sacrifice some of your eating habits and
lifestyle choices.

Combining the guidelines above with the ‘Acne Free In 3 Days’, will see
marked improvements to your face.

Does the Acne Free In 3 Days Work?

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